I have been giving a lot of thought lately to where I find MyHappy.
Somewhere on the path of motherhood I lost site of that heartspot. That place where I find my zen. My zone. My flow.
Where I can just be and relish and bask in the wonder of my own thoughts and my own amazingness.
That place where I feel comfortable and confident and full of wonder and hope for what’s ahead – where I find gratitude in the places I’ve traveled.
For a long time I didn’t know what my happy looked like. I’m still learning. Inspired by my children’s awe-inspiring ability to take risk in every day tasks; to stare in wonder of the world; to ask questions; find their vibe; and explore things as if they are brand new (so often they are, even if I’ve been here once before; there is still newness in the experiences that now line the memory walls of my mind and shape how and who I am in this very moment.)
I have been reflecting a lot and trying to put my thoughts (and feelings) to paper.
I want my life to reflect ME. I NEED my life to reflect ME. I desire to live in authenticity to my deeper self. In many ways I already do … And in some places there is extreme discord.
So, I’m back to the drawing board.
Wondering what MYHappy is. What does it look like? How does MyHappy Sound? How does MyHappy feel? What is MyHappy’s energy? How does it propel me and how can I incorporate more of it so I can carry that momentum through my daily living? Where is MyHappy found? What different forms does MyHappy shape? When do I push MyHappy away? Why? How can I welcome MyHappy back? How can I invite MyHappy into my life to stay….for good?
It’s not that I am unhappy, it’s that I don’t usually pause anymore to notice the things in my life that are. The way they make me feel. I just get through it (call it survival).
I am determined to seek MyHappy … and play with MyHappy a bit more. We used to be great friends and I am excited to reclaim our friendship.
? Where do you find (Your) MyHappy? ?

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