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Self directed education is way more than just play

Whatcha working on? Oh, nothing - just playing. They say. Inspired by #rubegoldberg machines we saw last year at the @pghkids (still), they are creating. Do you know what I see? More than just playing? I see collaboration; problem solving; complex cognitive think...

First I must love myself – setting boundaries

  Hey Loves. I wanted to talk to you a bit about boundaries. See, for a long time I used to push past my own no and allow myself to get bullied into doing things I didn't want to do - or things that weren't actually in my best interest. I wanted to please people...

Brain – Mind/Matter

  I loved this visual from Beacon House so much that I drew it in my journal as a reminder. A visual of the way in which a young persons brain develops.   They cannot reach their higher order functioning for awhile.   1. The first part that develops is...

Educational Toys Gift Guide

I often get questions about age-appropriate gifts for the children on your gift lists. I typically take the time to type out all of the products that are a good fit for your little ones ages and reasons why they are beneficial, but this year I’m sharing my go-to picks...

Do Something Good… Every Day

Do Something Good… Every Day

Homeschooling was the educational route that always resonated with me for a number of reasons. But the opportunity and ability to educate the whole child every day was a huge one. �One way I ensure this happens is that I challenge my kids to do something good for each...

A Child’s Brain Development

A Child’s Brain Development

This visual from Beacon House is amazing and such a good reminder of the development of a young person's brain. Let's focus on the second part or the Limbic brain, responsible for attachment and emotional development. ⁣⁣When a child is going through a huge life...

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