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But how ?

You can spend hours researching ideas on Pinterest, then pack up the kids and head to the craft store, or worse, Target . . . because we all know you’re not leaving there without at least three items from the dollar section, snacks to tide the group over while you shop, wipes because of the snacks, and somehow in all your efforts a random shirt ends up in your purchases. You feel more overwhelmed than ever because you haven’t accomplished anything.


All you need to do is think inside the sensory box

Make Your Life Easier with

Mama May I

Sensory Bins

Everything you need is delivered to your door in a beautifully curated kit for ages 3 and up. And without all the hair pulling (or wasted gas driving around to find everything to make a quality resource), you can actually spend time playing with your little ones.

No more feeling like you need to cut down a tree and learn to use a skill saw or get a degree in child development.


Why choose Mama May i?

You love watching your little ones make important discoveries through play – the type of unique play that doesn’t include batteries. And now you can intentionally join them and get lost in the magic too!

What Makes

Mama May I

Sensory Bins Different?
You want what’s best for your child. That’s why you push away the plastic clutter and blinking lights from our disposable and fast-paced culture to make room for beautiful and sustainable toys.

I construct these handmade sensory bins to match the way you want to parent. You’ll finally connect with your kid through calm and child-led play.

Nothing will delight you more than watching little hands reach for objects, feel textures and sort shapes. As you snuggle in close enough to see an inquisitive expression, you’ll be reminded of what really matters.

When your kid counts hand-carved treasures and then looks at you with pride, you’ll get that feeling you get when you make the best choice.

These are the memories you’ll share. It’s simple, really. But here’s the thing, your kid won’t know the creations blend the best of developmental psychology and design, inspired by Montessori, Reggio, and Waldorf methodologies. You’ll know. And you get to become the parent your young one needs.

Wouldn’t you feel better about giving your child a sensory bin that’s filled with natural stones, heirloom-quality bowls (painted with non-toxic sealants) and delightful sewn treasures (made from recycled fabrics), instead of endless plastic trinkets?

Plus, the contents work together to help your kid also make sense of the changing seasons. But most importantly, the child you love will connect closely to you but also gain independence.

I design and curate each bin with your little ones in mind. Consider me as your go-to friend who offers solutions to the overwhelming possibilities found on Pinterest.

You don’t have time to find all of the ingredients needed for a quality sensory bin. And it’s pretty rare that someone can say “nailed it” and really mean it. Less time spent searching for toys that matter means more time learning, playing and connecting.

And don’t worry if you’ve forgotten how to play. Each kit includes different “Ways to Play” activity sheets to guide learning through play, book recommendations and fun recipes for exploration.

Afterall, play is the work of childhood.

Everything you need to encourage

Sensory Play

is all in one place!

The items have been tested by young explorers across the globe, so all you need to do is open the box and let the exploration begin.

Busy hands scoop and pour and scoop some more.




Touching different textures will stimulate the senses. Grasping small pieces will develop fine motor skills. Your explorer won’t even know that this type of activity actually engages neural pathways. Playing like this feels soothing and safe. That’s when open-ended play happens, so listen closely and you’ll hear imaginative storytelling and curious questions.

How our sensory bins benefit kids:


Builds memory and spatial awareness


Stimulates the senses


Fosters imagination, curiosity, creativity and problem-solving


Encourages and fosters fine/gross motor development skills


Supports linguistic development


Improves social skills and connection to self and others

Sensory play can be on the most beneficial things for your child. It helps to build neural connections in the brain, whilst allowing them to regulate their nervous system. In a society where overstimulation is so prevalent, having the ability to self-soothe and calm is so crucial for your child. You’ll almost certainly notice a reduction in anxiety in a child that regularly participates in sensory play, along with increased focus and concentration.

Another key benefit of sensory play is that children are able to develop their knowledge, by exploring the world through their senses. It helps them to expand their awareness, and skills such as differentiation, critical thinking and real-life experience with Math and Science concepts. They also begin to lay the foundations of Scientific Thinking – the process of inquiry, experimentation, hypothesizing, researching, and investigating.

What playFull parents are saying:


“There was no detail left out of this kit, and as a Mama who focuses on beautiful and carefully selected toys, I really appreciate that.”


“I absolutely love that I received a list of some suggested books to check out from our library. Adding in a story that is fitting for the scene provided brings this sensory bin to an entirely different level.”


I spend time researching and curating each bin with sustainable products to prompt curiosity and help your explorer understand gravity, shapes, sounds, colors and textures. But most importantly, you’ll experience simple pleasures together that have enduring effects. You’ll know you’re doing something exceptional for the child you love and the world you share.

Each kit is a window to imaginative excavation and includes “Ways to Play” activity sheets (ideas to help your sensory seekers connect through play), base materials (like grain, beans or sand), a basic tool (scoop, rolling pin or tongs) and seasonally-themed items like:

  • recycled felt leaves
  • wooden-shaped pumpkins
  • paper mache pots
  • tree-shaped puzzles
  • multi-colored acorns
  • rainbow counting beads
  • cinnamon sticks
  • and more
Meet the mama behind

Mama May i

“Children make sense of their world through sensing their world.”

Jessica Perkins,Toymaker, Founder and Principal Designer of Mama May i

Because our sensory subscription boxes are handmade, all orders placed by the first of the month are guaranteed to ship out on the 15th. If you place your order between the 1st and 15th, your first order may come the following month, depending on our supply.

Don’t want to miss a box?

Collect all of the seasons AND lock in your savings for a full year for the best pricing.

MAMA MAY I SENSORY BOX subscriptions – pay monthly

Please note – monthly subscriptions will auto-renew for your chosen duration and you are committing to a minimum term to receive preferential monthly pricing. Subscriptions may only be cancelled after your initial three, six or twelve month subscription has lapsed. Early cancellations will be billed on a prorated charge. All boxes INCLUDE shipping in the mainland US. If you’re based internationally, please contact us before placing your order.

One Month


Try one box!

Three Months Subscription

$75.00 / month

Save $4/month!*

Six Month Subscription

$70.00 / month

Save $9/month!*

Twelve Month Subscription

$65.00 / month

Save $14/month!*


Three Month Bundle


Save $27!*

Six Month Bundle


Save $84!*

Twelve Month Bundle


Save $228!*

*Compared to single box pricing

If you’d like to make your subscription extra, why not add this beautiful wooden box as a one-off upgrade?

You can use the box over and over again, as part of your child’s sensory experience. Each month, you’ll be able to use your brand new sensory goodies in the same wooden box, which is also much kinder to the planet.

Add the box for a one-off fee of just $45, including shipping to mainland US only.

Here at Mama May I, we work hard to design and create things that are reusable, heirloom quality, and hand-me-down-able —— I set out to create sensory experiences they were both beautiful, practical, and sustainable.

Our handcrafted Sensory Bin of the Month boxes are designed using wooden components that can be passed down and enjoyed by lots of sensory seekers in the family. Not only will it ease your transition through the witching hour but there are ways to play, explore, and extend the learning together – tips, tricks, inspiration, and ideas to continue the theme in connection together

If you find your subscription is not living up to our highest quality standards, contact us and we’ll make it right.

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