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Table Talk Cards + Digital Course

Table Talk Cards – Connection, One Question at a Time.
Take Your Family From Chaos to Connection The PlayFULL Way!

My Mission

What if your family could actually CONNECT at meals?

It’s not just possible. It’s how mealtime should be!

But it doesn’t always come easily, does it Mama? Maybe you’ve tried. You’ve been that conversation starter at every. single. meal — and still, it’s like pulling teeth to get your kids (or maybe even your partner!) to talk to you.

There are so many distractions these days.

I mean, even WE get distracted by the dinging of our devices or the doorbell ringing. It can be easier to just let everyone eat quickly and run off to do whatever they want.

But what if dinner could be FUN again?

…without you having to DO IT ALL yourself?
Build a Culture of Connection with Your Family

Reclaim Dinner Time

It’s time to reclaim dinner time and declare it FUN! But how?

Well, you could ask your kiddos what they want to talk about. You could scour the Internet and find a list of questions to ask. You could read books on connecting. You could journal and ask your intuition what your kids might want to talk about.


You could buy our Table Talk Connection Cards and a course, to talk you through exactly how to use them!

90 unique cards to help you start the conversation

The cards are available for immediate download, so you can start the conversation TONIGHT. Plus, you don’t have to do any of the hard work.

What Families are Saying…

“I purchased the Table Talk Connection Cards to refocus my family at the dinner table after too many meals of tiredness, tension, and tears. And it worked! The cards have become our special evening game that helps reinvigorate our bond as we talk and connect without feeling the pressure of the dreaded, ‘How was your day?”

– Brandyn

Why is Connection so Important to your Family?

Connection is the foundation of a family — whatever your family looks like. It’s what holds us together through everything, from the day-to-day chaos to shifting family dynamics. It helped anchor my family, and let us reclaim dinnertime as I became a single mom.

As the wise Brene Brown says, it’s what we need to feel seen, heard, and valued. Our kids need it. We need it.

And it doesn’t have to be so hard. I promise.

Your Table Talk Connection Cards will…


Add excitement to the dinner conversation


​ Make sharing the centerpiece of your dinner table


​ Remove the burden off YOU


​ Get the conversation started


​ ​ Teach your child active listening skills


​ Build healthy self-esteem for your kids (and maybe even you!)


​ ​ Teach your kiddo how to build healthy relationships

What is deeper connection with your family worth to you?

For only $19, you can start creating that deeper connection TONIGHT.

The Table Talk Connection Cards are now available for digital download, making them cost effective and super easy to use. They’re designed to be printed and used as physical cards, but you have the flexibility to do what’s right for your family. Keep them on your phone and use them whenever you want!

These cards can be used any time, anywhere. They’re the perfect multi-generational tool to facilitate communication between grand-parents, parents, and kiddos. Everyone can learn and grow when they use Table Talk Connection Cards.

Connection One Question at a time

Table Talk

90 questions in the Table Talk Card Deck.

90 watercolor backgrounds. 
90 conversations just waiting to happen.
Only $19.
Download your cards so you can start connecting TODAY!
Knowledge is power

Connection Course

Six self-paced and self-guided modules

Introductions, Mealtimes, Journaling, On-The-Go, Social Skills + Wrap Up
Only $67.
Acccess your course TODAY to get started.


How are the cards delivered?
Once you’ve hit that Buy Now button and paid, you’ll get an email in your inbox with a PDF download. (Be sure to check your spam folder if you don’t see it within 30 minutes!)
Do I have to buy the course?

You don’t have to buy the course to enjoy these cards but we highly recommend it. We cover some amazing ideas and suggestions on how to make the most of the cards as a resource, along with other areas of play and exploration with your family. Plus, for just $97, it’s a steal! 

what happens after i buy the course?

You can buy the cards through the website, and you’ll have them in your inbox immediately. Once you’ve bought the course, you’ll be automatically enrolled via Teachable and you’ll receive a username and password to access the course to your inbox too. You’ll be able to get started with learning right away.

Do you recommend printing them?
These cards were initially designed to be printed on a high-quality cardstock with a finish designed to keep things like spaghetti stains off them! But since these are digital downloads, you can print them on any paper you want. You’re also not limited to printing them just once, you can print copies and send them in your kiddo’s lunchbox. (Just remember, the digital download is for personal use only! If you want to share them, pass on the link to this page so that person can grab their own copy.)
How do I pay?
All you need is a credit or debit card!
Can these only be used at the dinner table?
Of course not! These cards can be used anywhere, anytime. My family uses them when we go out to dinner, on road trips, as journal prompts, at school, at the doctor’s office…really any time you want to get a conversation going!

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