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Homeschooling my three kids has been an incredibly meaningful experience. I’m passionate about sharing homeschool ideas and resources to make it possible for any family who want to make it work but need some guidance and support.

How to Play with Your Kids - Free E-Book

My free e-book “How to Play with Your Kids” gives proven tips and techniques to help you live in the moment, shift priorities, and practice self compassion. I’ll teach you how to reconnect with your innate playfulness and curiosity so that you connect with your kids and have some serious FUN!

Gift Guide for Mindful Parents and Curious Kids

My background in child development and psychology gives me strong insight into what toys are best for kids based on their age, sensory needs, and developmental milestones. I’ve taken all of that expertise to craft the Gift Guide for Mindful Parents and Curious Kids. I give you everything you need to know about what will best serve your child and what toys best align with your values and parenting style. Check it out!

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