August 6, 2020

Tools and Toys for homeschooling and learning through play at home

Children learn best through play. The environment where a child learns can be used as a second teacher or guide. Having the proper tools and toys available makes homeschooling easier on everyone. Knowing that learning is literally, built right in to each of these products helps me stay sane as a single, homeschooling mom of three. I know that any tool or toy they pull from the shelf has innate educational and learning value – built in – so I can stress less and let them play more. We utilize many different learning tools to practice the foundation of core subjects as we follow our feet in play and learning. Young people are inspired to play independently and collaboratively while practicing and reinforcing academic concepts in tangible, real life, everyday ways. Research tells us that children learn best through play.

Let this list guide your toy curation so that you can rest easy, knowing that anything chosen from the shelf will aid in your child’s learning journey.

(All of these are toys and tools we have used and continue to use in our home. They do contain affiliate links but they are all products we have used and loved.)

I am sure I have missed some, so this will be a living document that I will update consistently. If you have any to add, please connect on IG or our FB group at @ThePlayFULLWay !!

Count With Me Play Set by Mama May I

Tricky Fingers

 Double Shutter


 Zingo 123

 Math Dice JR

Fidget Snake

Sudoku Kids

Thinkfun Hoppers

Dino Math Tracks

Snap it Up – Math

Tri Facta

Sweet Logic

 Learning Resources – Math Link Cubes


Pentomino puzzle

Dive into Shapes

Geometric Solids

Mini Muffin Match






Balancing Scale

Make a Match series by Mama May I

ABC Cookies

 Letter Construction

Site Word Splat

Spot It!

Spot It! JR


Boggle JR


 Elephant and Piggie

What’s Gnu –

Fine Motor Skill Builders by Mama May I

Learning Resources Helping Hands Fine Motor

Gears! Gears! Gears!

Learning Resources Peg Play

Snap Circuits JR

Snap Circuits

Snap Circuits Light


Learning Resources Mix and Measure

Brain Flake


 Learning Resources Deluxe science kit

Learning Resources Science Kit

Learning Resources Test Tubes\

Learning Resources Magnetic Lab

Learning Resources Eyedroppers

Learning Resources Splash Science

Sensory Science Tubes

Super Magnet Lab

Jumbo Magnifiers

Butterfly garden

Live ladybug kit

Uncle Milton Nightlight moon

Primary Science Color Paddles

Press Here game

Za Za Zoom game

Building Loose Parts by Mama May I

Picasso Tiles

Picasso Tiles marble run                            

Picasso Tile – Road –

Guidecraft blocks

Guidecraft bocks water

Guidecraft treasure blocks

Guidecraft sand blocks

Guidecraft branch blocks

Guidecraft Rainbow Blocks

Guidecraft pyramid blocks stacking

Guidecraft large hallow blocks



Waytoplay King of the Road


Sensory Play by Mama May I
Sensory Bin of the Month Club

Bilibo Mini Set –

Remo Kids – Drums –

Pacific Play Tent See Through Tunnel

Aerial Silk –

Gonge hilltop –

Gonge River –

Gonge Tactile Discs –

EZ Roller –

Ogo Sport discs –

Ball Pit –

Play Maty – Ball Pit Balls –

 Radio Flyer – Walker

Ride on Cow –

The First Year Stacking Cups –

Boon Bath Pipes –

Boon Cast a Fishing –

Alex Tub Tunes –

Learning Resources – Ducks –

Yoga Pretzels –

Breahte Like a Bear –

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