March 16, 2018

Self Care

Selfcare isn’t all manis, pedis, and new things (though sometimes it CAN be).
True Self Care is honoring what you are needing right now, in this moment, and being able to meet your own needs. It can be the need to pee (I can’t be the only Mama who holds her pee endlessly because there are other things that need my attention! No more.) or locking the door when you go to the bathroom for some quiet and solitude and ….. peace. Or sitting down for the whole duration of a cup of tea——enjoying each sip as it enters your lips and warms your insides. It can be saying “no”. Or asking for help. Or actually accepting help that’s been offered. It could be going to bed early. Or sleeping in. Or honoring your body’s need for nutrition and fueling yourself with delicious foods. It could be blocking off time in your schedule to do the thing you’ve always wanted to do “but don’t have time for”. (Seriously. Do it. Schedule time for yourself.) Self Care is Making Yourself a Priority (too). As Mamas, we have a way of making everyone else a priority.
Self Care is about turning some of that attention and magic back onto ourselves. We cannot give what we do not have. Self Care is filling our hearts and spirits with warmth and light. It’s taking care of our inner Goddess (and sometimes our inner child).
What does your self care look like today / this week? How can we support you? ?✨
(Want more like this? Head over to our Mindful MOMents community. It’s more of these kinds of posts, stories, inspiration in a more private, intimate setting because community is so important when we are raising tiny humans….and ourselves ?)
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