November 19, 2018

Where Do I Begin? Trusting the process and Untangling Life’s Mess

Where do I begin? I was untangling a group of handmade necklaces my littles made. I hate this task. It’s so tedious. Monotonous. Annoying. It’s always two steps forward, one step back. i can’t continue all the way with this string – in the most of unwinding I have to switch, untangle just a smidgen more, switch, untangle another just a smidgen more. I never know if I’m actually making progress because it’s all such a jumbled mess; I just have faith and trust that little by little, bit by bit, it will unwind and become manageable once again. Eventually it did. But I find it such a metaphor for me life. I have no idea sometimes if I’m making sense of it; if I’m untangling the mess; making it better or worse. I drop this string to attend to that string, untangle it just a bit and then drop that one to attend to another. Life. It feels like such a jumbled mess sometimes, with no end in sight. But I trust the process. Unwinding. Untangling. Bit by bit by bit. ❤️?????

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