October 20, 2018

What Do You Wish For Your Child (or Inner Child)? – Mindful Moments with Mama May i 

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I have been thinking a lot lately about the gifts
and the stories we pass along to our children.
The ones we mindfully set out to to teach and pass along
and the ones we unknowingly pass down.
Seeds blowing in the wind.

Which ones will take root?
Which ones have taken root for you and your story?
Which ones do you wish to pass along to you child or children?
Intentional living. Unpacking the stories of my ancestors.
And unpacking my own personal stories
so that I may set free some of the things that no longer serve
my highest and greatest.
Which seeds are you desiring to plant and pass along?
What are your wishes for your family’s legacy?

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What stories do you intentionally wish to pass along to your child?

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