April 26, 2020

What Brings Me Joy?

Self care can be an overwhelming and ominous task. You know it’s important, but a lot of questions can surface making the investment difficult to implement.⁣

What’s considered self-care?⁣
How much is too much self-care?⁣
How do I know where to start?⁣
Does it have to cost anything?⁣
How often should I implement it?⁣
What if my friends and family misunderstand me?⁣

I want to help you start by boiling all the noise down to ONE question: ⁣

What brings you joy? ⁣
(Pause). ⁣
(Breathe). ⁣
(Pause again).⁣

Make a list! Here’s my current list- it’s constantly being added to! ⁣

Borrow or be inspired!⁣

-ice skating⁣

What’s on your list?

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