August 13, 2012

Train Engineer

Train tracks are like building blocks. You have to sort them, fit them, turn the, connect them, coax them, fix them, problem solve them. I was lucky enough to find some amazing Brio brand trains at Toys R Us for about 75% off…they were still expensive but I know they will be around for a loooong time and I, myself, have wanted trains since I was in elementary school and went to Hammet’s Teacher Store and played with the train table. Perhaps it was an impulse but, but we, as a family, spent the afternoon today playing, connecting, and reconnecting with this amazing set. Totally worth it. Buga still wants help to play with these…not because she can’t do it, because she can, but she needs some help engineering and I couldn’t be happier to oblige in her request to play. They are a grow with me, play with me, learn with me classic that will meet many developmental intricacies. I can’t wait until she incorporates playing with these and her blocks at the same time to create cities and houses and tunnels and archways…this is what we did before Sim City. And it’s so monumentally important to have time to problem solve and play like this. Creativity at its finest.

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