September 4, 2017

Those are not my people 

Those are not my people. Reminder from @glennondoyle ? I recently had someone say to me: “I’m too busy for your B.S. this week, Jess.” Aside from being incredibly belittling, hurtful, intense, it’s actually … abusive. If my truth, my vulnerability, my words make you feel that way, you are not “my people.” ? growing thicker, stronger skin. Staying rooted in my Truth and love and intention. If someone ever makes you feel belittled, smaller, unworthy…. or even annoying for doing or speaking your fierce, loving, truth. They. Are. Not. Your. People. Stay strong. Stay grounded. Don’t stoop to their level. Just send them lovingkindness and use your energy elsewhere. Don’t let them drain you. Be reminded of your strength and your light and continue shining. ?

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