August 31, 2017

There is always More

There is always more on its way. It is so easy to get stuck in scarcity Mindset and stay there, afraid to move. Afraid to stand up for yourself. Afraid to be rejected. Afraid to get hurt. Afraid to believe in whatever is next. But I truly believe, that mindset limits us. It keeps us small. Struggling. Surviving instead of thriving. Instead of living. Embracing the evolution of our Self and our life shows us that it’s not finite. It’s ever expanding. And as we dig deep, heal our wounds, grow our selves … worlds open up. Your feet get more firmly planted. Your voice doesn’t quiver as much when you speak. You aren’t so afraid to make a mistake or to acknowledge the mistakes that you’ve made… or say I’m sorry. Life pushes us to our limits but if we can stay with the discomfort long enough we can shed the dark and move further into the light. And it’s infinite. It’s expansive.

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