February 16, 2011

The Mommy Interview

I had to post “The Mommy Interview” as a follow up to the Daddy Valentine because I like the idea of having Buga’s thoughts and words documented at this time of her life. Now that she is 3 years old she has so much to say…and I absolutely love the way she expresses it.

The Mommy Interview :

I like it when Mommy and I…play and go in the pool – like when I swim with my arm things.

I like when Mommy helps me…do hard work.
I love Mommy as much as…special treats.
I like to help Mommy…plant seeds in the garden and do some special games.
Mommy is special to me because…she’s a big helper.
It makes me happy when Mommy…gives me a nice big hug.
Mommy is as sweet as…a Ballerina.
I like Mommy so much because…I love her.
I like when Mommy and I play…hopscotch on the rocks and lily pads and when we dance dance dance.

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