May 3, 2020

Thank You – inviting young people in by modeling

Connection is all about creating intentional moments where you can say yes, slow down, and savor spending time with the ones you love most. ⁣

Recently, my little man went to bed early which meant special time with my big kids.So instead of turning on the TV, I opted for some creativity time. I pulled out the thank you notes, cards, paper, and markers, and sat down by myself at he table and started writing. ⁣

You know what I did not do? Ask them to join me. I really loved seeing my kid’s curiosity and eagerness to help when they asked me what I was doing. They initiated joining in with me which was where our connection magic began.⁣

I love embracing these little PlayFull moments and creating memories with my kids. I’d love to hear how you have made some connection magic with your family recently!

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