August 17, 2017

Talking Stick

I am not OK silencing myself to make other people feel comfortable. It is NOT my job to make other people comfortable. It is my job to speak my TRUTH. ?
Passing the Talking Stick along to anyone that needs this reminder. This permission. Speak Your Truth. Speak it Loudly. Bravely. Courageously. It is not your place to make other people feel comfortable. Own Your Truth. Embrace it. Live it. Share it. Dimming your light to placate others only helps to keep us all in darkness. Shine your light. We need more light sharers. Magic makers. Truth tellers. Courage sharers. We all need you to share YOUR truth. Shine Your light in every dark corner of your soul. Exposing your Spirit – Exposing Your Truth – Illuminating your Soul – and Loving yourSELF through it. ??? #courageworks #brave #vulnerable #vulnerability #speak #speakout #speakup #rise #riseup #woke #wake #mindful #mindfulness #mindfulmama #mindfulkids #bebrave #strongertogether

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