June 22, 2017

Summer Soltice – Creating Ritual

Today was another long day. Play. And mediating. So much mediating. These three children have intense personalities. And right now they all seem to clash. Everything escalates instead of dissipates. All throughout the day. Tiny hash marks adding up to explosion time. Ticking time bombs. Each of them. It’s been physically and emotionally exhausting. And I feel defeated in more ways than I can count.
Today is Summer Solstice. And I knew I wanted to invite ritual into our life for this. But I wasn’t sure how. Especially given the scene.
We spent the day at a park with beautiful friends and water. We made blueberry muffins. We gave each other love using our footbath/pedicure bath that has quickly become a favorite. We watched a show together. As we were heading toward bed, we stopped off in the girls’ room and again, things were escalating quickly. Hands were quick and listening short. Tick. Tick. Tick. I quickly said “everyone to My room! Quietly. As quietly as possible!”
We tiptoed to my bedroom. I asked them to sit on the carpet. They did, quietly. I pulled three candles down (one for each) and a deck of cards (Kris Carr Crazy Sexy Love Notes). We took turns going around our circle sharing something we were grateful for. We each chose a card. Read it aloud. Asked how it could apply to our life. They liked it so much we went around a second time.
Basking in the soft glow of these three candles was magic.
The kind of magic my soul NEEDED right now. Right here. I wanted to capture it with a photo but decided to just BE IN IT instead.

After we shared our thoughts and words we held hands and sang our Loving Kindness. To ourselves, each other, outward.
We then took turns saying how we could share OUR LOVE to someone. With whom? And how?
We gave each other a “group hug” and then they requested that each give one person a hug each, and we rotated. I held them tight, rubbed their backs told them I loved them and quietly whispered “peace be with you. Always.” Soon I heard them whispering these same words to each other.
We closed with each blowing out a candle and then taking a couple deep breaths and ohms together.
After the candles were dim and the room dark and quiet Layla said “thank you for this, Mom. That was really fun!”
Yes. This is what I needed. This. Ritual. Sacred space. Togetherness. Love. No matter how “crazy hippy dippy” it may look or sound. It’s exactly what I needed today.
Happy Summer Solstice ?
Happy Release. Happy Renewal.
Sending Love and Light ?
How do you infuse Ritual into your busy life with young people? What do you do?

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