August 19, 2017

Soul-building words

What are your Soul-building words? Rachel Macy Stafford from @handsfreerevolution asks this question in her book #onlylovetoday and I have been thinking about it often. I have set the intention to infuse Soul-Building words into everyday conversation with my young people. I realized I was saying “I love you” and, though I meant it, I felt like a little extra oomph could make that sacred “I love you” expressed in a spectrum of ways; tailored to each child’s #lovelanguage and uplifting their souls. It’s simple and doesn’t take much time to say something like “I appreciate the way you stopped to listen to your brother today.” Or “I saw how you were able to regain control of your body to make good choices when you were feeling mad.” Or “our family is better because you are part of it.” Or “I love how your smile lights up your whole face…even your eyes.”
Little things. Little words. Soul-Building words. And then I started to wonder what MY Soul-Building words are. What kinds of things make me light up from the inside when someone else notices? Because when I recognize those things I can start to affirm myself the same way. What words make your light shine brighter? What are your Soul-Building words?

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