July 23, 2017

Sorry is as Sorry DOES
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Don’t Tell Me You’re Sorry. SHOW me you are sorry. Actions speak far louder than words ever could.
Words are useless without action, they are just words – empty promises waiting to be filled with doing. If you really are sorry, say it – but then show you’re willing to fix it by working on it. That does not mean you won’t mess up again – we are all imperfect. But it does mean when I look back and connect the dots, I can SEE you, showing up, messy, trying, and showing up some more.
Sorry Is As Sorry DOES.
Mean it? Show it. ? the power of repair work. Studies show that it’s not the dysfunction or escalation that make or break a relationship, friendship, family-ship. It’s the ability to do repair work – communication and action follow-up and follow-through to aid in healing. ?

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