July 3, 2017

Sometimes We Have to Break

If I had told myself I would be grateful for the hardest days of my life I wouldn’t have believed me. When you feel so broken, so at the bottom, life seems hopeless. I felt helpless. Alone. Isolated. Like no one understood me. Not even myself. If you wade through the darkness long enough and your heart is cracked wide open, light will find a way through the cracks. It wouldn’t have brought me much solace back then. I would have laughed at the cliche and said it was impossible. But without the breaks and cracks there would be no way to let the light in (or out). My “brokenness” and imperfections are not flawed – they have become some of my brightest beginnings. #truth #mindfulmama #mamamayi #mindfulness #mamamayimindful #mamamayimindfulmoments #mamamayishop #breathe #becoming #aware #awaken #be #truth #vulnerability #onlylovetoday #embrace

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