September 14, 2019

Self directed education is way more than “just play”

Whatcha working on?

“Oh, nothing – just playing.” They say.

Inspired by #rubegoldberg machines we saw last year at the @pghkids (still), they are creating.

Do you know what I see?

More than “just playing” ?

—- I see collaboration; problem solving; complex cognitive think throughs; experimentation; trial and error; frustration; emotional regulation; communication; big feeling expression; problem solving; curiosity about physics and the physical work; playing with big scientific concepts in playful, curious ways; integrating new ideas with solutions; pushing boundaries to find different solutions; building; fine motor skills; patience; perseverance; teamwork; communication; chain reactions; more problem solving.

——— y’all, PLAY is so much MORE than “play”.

So when you ask my children “what do you do all day?” and they answer


Or “what I want to do.”

Or “I play”

——- know that it was thoughtfully, mindfully, and intentionally set up this way.

This IS #bravelearning #braveliving #selfdirectedlearning #selfdirectededucation #bravewriterlifestyle #enchantedlearning #braveclassroom #wholeheartedliving #theplayfullway

—— academics are important. But at the basis of all curiosity – at the basis of all understanding – at the place where academics and conceptual understanding become meaningful – and the integration of more formal concepts can take place – is the connection to why those deeper understandings are important to begin with.

The easiest, fastest, most efficient way to create the connection between concept, idea, and learning is through PLAY.

Scientists do it. Mathematicians do it. Engineers do it. Designers do it. Creators, innovators, therapists do it. We tinker and toy and play with ideas and concepts in a more specialized, specific way, when we age and discover where are passions are best used. The deeper more elaborate ideas and understandings are rooted in our vivacious curiosity for putting information together and weaving experience, wisdom, thoughts, and new ideas.

My children are not “doing nothing”.

They are doing an immense amount of many things in a way that feels most attuned and aligned with their unique, individual interests and curiosities. They get to follow their feet to meaningful learning experiences.

And it often just LOOKS like PLAY.


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