September 14, 2017

Say What Your Soul Needs to Say

#truthbomb Say What Your Soul Needs to Say ? thinking about this fiercely the other day while driving in the car. What is my soul saying? What is my purpose? What was I put her to do to speak to share? And my eyes welled up with tears because there is something that keeps bubbling up but I can’t quite put my finger on what it is. But yet I know fiercely and deeply and truly that my Soul has something to say. Something big. Something people need to hear. Expressions of truth that I’ve lived. “My Wounds are my Wisdom” – Gabby Bernstein. Yes. There is something deeply rooted there. In my Truth. In my story. In my lessons. In my journey. Something magical. Seeds that need to be scattered and shared. “Say What Your Soul Needs to Say.” ? listening in. Tuning into that Soul Station. Through static and chaos….. I know there is something profound. Speak up, sweet, wild, wonderful Woman. Do not shy away from your Truth. Triggering but necessary. Scary but liberating. Daunting but empowering. ? what is Your Truth? What is your Soul Station saying? Tune in. The World needs more of that. Truth. ?

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