Bag of Bags



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These 10 texture bags are a great way to encourage curiosity and stimulate your child’s developing senses. Each sensory bag is a different rainbow color and fabric to promote visual and tactile learning. On the opposing side there is a high contrast, black and white, patterned fabric to further captivate and hold your little one’s attention. Each bag has a different filling adding another dimension to your child’s exploration. Tiny conversation pieces, they provide many linguistic opportunities for you to explore together: color, texture, pattern, weight, spatial characteristics and more…

These bags are sure to pique your little one’s interest; nurture hand-eye coordination; and provide endless possibilities to unstructured play. Sort them, match them, fill and spill them – toss them, hide them, touch and feel them – your imagination is the limit to the exploratory and play possibilities of this little Box of Bags.

Filled bags measure approximately 4” x 4” square and are filled with various materials: poly fill, lima beans, lentils, barley, kidney beans, garbanzo beans, and leftover fabric and fiber remnants (these are just some examples, your set may vary a bit from what’s listed here). They are topstitched for that simply “finished” look. They come inside a drawstring pouch for easy clean-up and portability.

Each set comes with 10 different colored beanbag and can coordinate with the Sensory Color Sorting Play Set.

Surface clean only.

CAUTION: Despite my every effort to make these as safe as possible, you should ALWAYS supervise your child while at play.

Because these are handmade patterns and pattern placement may vary. Each set comes with TEN DIFFERENT black and white prints. Each set comes with one each of: pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black, and white, textured fabric. 

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Weight 680 oz