July 14, 2009

Play for the Day

Layla’s first summer play. We went to the Surflight theater in Long Beach Island – it was the children’s theater so the play was only 50 minutes long (with intermission). Lots of families, babies, toddlers, and children. We saw Cinderella. Layla LOVED it. She sang and danced in her little theater seat. She wasn’t heavy enough to keep the seat down so if I didn’t put pressure it would flip up sandwiching her in between! When she was on my lap she kept peering left and right over the head of the man in front of us so she could see what was happening on stage. She new exactly when to clap and would sometimes start right before everyone else did. She oohed and ahhed the whole time. The grown-ups were watching her more than the show. It was a delight.

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