September 14, 2017

Only Love Today. Yeah, that’s my Mom

A young friend today asked me what my ring said. “Only Love Today” I told her…. because I like to be reminded to choose love in all things. Even when it’s difficult. It’s a great reminder to have there on my finger. It makes me smile. And helps me remember what’s most important. And then she asked what my bracelets said … “I am the captain of my soul.” “Dance in the rain.” “You are stronger than you seem.” She smiled. Peaceful. Intently. With a look of glossy serenity. Lillian chimed in … “yeah, that’s my Mom. She’s big into love. Love is her favorite word. And she just LOVES all the time.” And so it shall be. Blessed be. I may not always get to be the “fun one” but I get to be the “love one”. These simple mantras, jewelry, quotes, cards, writings, doodles, words…. that helped me get through my hardest loneliness smallest days. Became me. My intentions became my reality. Changing the script. Altering the narrative. Embracing my truth – through mess and muck – embracing it anyway. After our conversation I kind of looked down and smiled heartily to myself. And laughed a little. I kind of feel like Luna Lovegood. A little bit crazy. A whole lot of authentic. My Truth doesn’t have to be accepted to be meaningful. It’s me. I felt a little bit hippie and a whole lot of connected to something bigger, deeper, sacred. #theuniversehasyourback @gabbybernstein

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