March 14, 2012

Oh Where Oh Where Has My Little Blog Gone…?

Oh Where Oh Where Has My Little Blog Gone…?

My life is uber-super-duper-crazy busy right now with the shop and my two little ones. I am not trying to make up excuses for my absence…I truly want to make it here to you, blog, write a tidbit or two more frequently. I love having this to look back on. I love seeing my little people grow. I know Boo has very few developmental milestones charted on here. I am hoping to have some free time soon. Some time to keep you updated….Some time to keep me updated.
Right now I feel like I am not doing anything 100% (which, if you know me, is unacceptable). It is certainly not from lack of trying – it is just that there are not enough hours in the day to play all the roles I have to play. I am working on changing that.
I am asking for help. I am reaching out. I am trying to plan. AND to act. Little bits at a time, this is the year to get things organized. I am working on it – list by list.
So I am checking in with you. Hoping to find you well. Hoping we can meet up again soon for some coffee or tea — or perhaps I will bring a croissant to show my gratitude for your continued friendship after such a disappearance.
With thoughts exploding in my head, in my twilight sleep before bed, on my walks around the block, to school, and at the park….just no time to jot them down, or even let them spin around in the quiet of my mind. But soon, I am determined to find some more time to cozy up to a good post, with you. Tune in Soon.
– Jessica

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