January 13, 2012

New Products in the New Year

Mama May i

Oh, 2012, how you’ve already begun to fly by. It’s already the middle of January and I have not yet posted something new. I apologize. Winter time is a blah time for me. And Boo has been — well, not so much of a sleeper, to say the least – so the little bit of “down” time has been supplanted by “up with the little one” time. I am trying to hang in there and be patient and Dr. Sears my baby back to sleep. So little triumphs like the one I am about to share really tickle my heart.New Products. Yay!

Somehow in the midst of the sleeplessness and fumbling through my day-to-day like a zombie, I was able to create some new things, take pictures of said items, edit those photos, write descriptions, and post them in the shop for all to see. The listing itself never seems as time consuming, unless you realized the whole back-end of getting those little beauties up for viewer delight (I’m squealing a little, even if you aren’t.) Sooo happy to have something new in the New Year. Here’s to a productive one!

Sensory Bin and Tool Kit
Mama May i

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