August 21, 2017

My Mindfulness Journal

I have been working on turning my #mindfulness class into a journal that can be shared and enjoyed! I am so excited about the progress. It is so very Rainbow which is a reminder about the rainbow after the storm. Life pushed me to dive deeply into #selfcare and #mindfulness — as I was going along, piece by piece, I kept saying to myself, young people NEED these tools in their life. Why are there no tools for this? Why are we not all learning about these tools and teaching them at home and at school? Well, since my deep dive I am happy to say that they are publishing some amazing books and materials now for bringing this kind of self compassion, reflection, and awareness to a teachable, age appropriate tangible way for children. It is my hope that my project will help facilitate playful self discovery and learning either adult, child, or together. It’s simple and easy but I have found each awareness to be life-altering as far as perspective goes. And the more tools we have, the easier it is to access them during difficult times (for both child and adult). Practicing these tools is the only way to flex these mindfulness muscles. And doing it playfully is the perfect opportunity and space for making mistakes, facilitating reflection, conversation, and personal growth. Resilience. Growth Mindset. Self awareness. Self love. Acceptance. #new #project #mindfulmoments #mamamayi #mamamayishop

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