August 29, 2019

Mindfulness Awareness Scavenger Hunt

My kiddos were needing to get their collaboration on today. Its been a lot of inside time the past 48 hours due to the rain. Thats fun and all – except when its not. Young people dont always know when they need personal space. They get annoyed and mad and spew. Instead of realizing what they really need is time apart, space, breathing room – they nitpick, micromanage, name call, become short fused. Any grownups you know like this when they arent getting their #selfcare ? when the sun came out I was ready to get everyones energy moving in a different direction – outside. I came up with an outdoor #sensory #scavengerhunt for them. I had intended to hand each of them a few cards so they would be taking space from one another but once the energy shifted they actually wanted to collaborate. There were so many things to find. I told them to collect what they could and take photos of the things they couldnt physically bring back (cloud shape – selfie – remnants of an animal… etc.) I loved how the treasures were sensory – and open-ended enough that they could chose so many different kinds of things on multiple different scavenger hunt excursions. It went faster than I expected – next time I might have them do one and come back to get the second clue. Or go with them for this #mindfulnesspractice #awarenesswalk #mindfulnesswalk #mindfulkids #mindfulmama #peacefulparenting #playtogether #howweplay #theplayfullway #gametheory #openendedplay #homeschool #homeschoolingideas #homeschoolingmom #bravewriter #bravewriterlifestyle #playwithme #letthemplay #childhoodunplugged

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