June 26, 2017

Mama May I Mindful Moments

You guys…. I Mommed so hard today. We were up. Early. And I seized the day – even though I feel like junk. We were at the park by 9:30 with water bottles and snacks for a few hours. We played. I sat. I played. I watched. We had lunch out. Ran an errand. Dropped something in the post box. Went home to refill water bottles and pick up scooters to scoot to the playground. We played some more. We helped a little guy who bonked his head. The ambulance came. I held his hand. My kids watched. I got to talk to some grown ups. We came home. We bathed. And took care of our personal stuff. Then they wanted screen time. And I said: you need to do something good for your brain; something good for our community; something good for your heart first (we already did something good for our bodies being outside playing all day). It was such an easier transition than “do chores”. Community Service. I like the sound of that. I gave a list of examples (vacuum, laundry, clean room). Layla chose cleaning the downstairs bathroom. Lillian chose cleaning the upstairs bathroom. Lincoln helped her. There was actual teamwork. And aside from a wet butt (from cleaner instead of pee on the seat) it was done really well! And Layla even put out a soap dish, magazines, tissues, and wipes. Layla chose reading a chapter in her book for her brain. And Lillian and Lincoln chose making collages (cutting, pasting, drawing). Now they are eating dinner. And getting ready for screen time. ? after that we are going to do a Loving Kindness circle like we did on Summer Solstice for our Hearts. Choose a card and share what we are grateful for. I am so glad to be flowing – if even for one day – I needed this reminder of teamwork, cooperation, and play. ?
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