July 28, 2015

Magic Marshmallow Nights

There really is magic in every day. I think, in the crazy, busyness of life we overlook it so frequently we almost deny that magic exists. But it does. It surrounds us. How do I know this?

I have children.
Children who inspire me to see the world with fresh eyes.
Children who guide me to view life with bright, wide, open eyes.
Children who remind me to slow down on days I most hurry along.
To show me things.
Like raindrops dripping down the trunk of a smooth-bark-tree.
Like lady bugs.
And painted toes.
And lace-shaped leaves.
And Fairy-Houses.
And trickling streams. 
Children who urge me to slow down, even on days I *think* I need most to speed up – get it all done – cross all the things off my list.
Today I am reminded of how young 7 is….and yet, how much 7 changes things. How old 7 can be. Today I am reminded that these slow-downs are way more important and connecting and rewarding than all the speed-ups and list-checks combined. 
Slow down, Mama. Slow way down. 
Look for the magic.
Be inspired by the nearly there and nearly forgotten enchantment of a new day. Another breath. A fire ember. A butterfly. A kayak-ride on an empty lake with just you and your wee ones – full, undivided attention.
You will never slow down to soak in the wonder of their company and wish you hadn’t. 
So soak in the swim days and marshmallow nights and hammock rides.

I promise you will surround yourself with magic when you slow long enough to see it.

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