May 16, 2020

Magazine Subscriptions that help you homeschool and learn at home

Homeschool Magazine Subscription Guide
Magazine Subscriptions that
Nurture a Love of Reading;
Encourage Children to Ask Questions; and Inspire Deeper Understanding of the World

Magazine subscriptions are a great way to encourage young people to expand their current knowledge data base by giving tangible, bite-sized bits of new information. Magazines are fun because they get delivered in the mail once a month, or every other month and they encourage readers to explore a different kind of literacy. Usually magazines have different sections and parts that engage different kinds of learning and provide different kinds of information. They are bite-sized information and often have beautiful photographs, illustrations, and information. I love magazines because they offer enough information to wet your tastebuds on lots of different topics. They are the perfect aid for follow-your-feet-learning and can open and expand a child’s growing understanding on a wide ranges of topics. The stories and articles are short enough that you can flip through them in the car, at the park, while going to the bathroom, right before bed, while on the soccer field — but provide enough information through text and graphic to make the information engaging, curious, fun…and to get a young person wanting to know more about topics that interest and excite them. This is the perfect jumping off point for deep-diving into curiosities that pique their interests — RESEARCH! Magazines are a gateway to new information, ideas, and concepts — and having a package delivered monthly is really something to look forward to in your monthly homeschooling rhythm! Mix it up and add some current events and topics.

Have other magazine subscriptions you use to inspire your family to read, get curious, ask questions, and learn? I would love to hear what they are so I can add them to our list!

BabyBug under 3

Share the Joy of Reading

CLICK 3-6  

Explore Science and Nature


Encourage Playfulness and Creativity

ASK 6-9

Investigate Kids’ Questions About the World


Smart, Fun Inspiration for New Readers

Cricket  9-14

Discovering the World of Reading


Connecting America’s Past and Present

FACES 9-14

New Perspectives on Other Cultures and Our Own

MUSE 9-14  

Fun Science and Tech for the Seriously Curious

National Geographic for Kids 6+

Explore the World and the World’s Creatures

Time for Kids

Current Events for Kids

Sports Illustrated for Kids  

  • Educational, inspirational, fun and engaging sports news to allow kids to follow sports the way they want to read about them
  • Awesome photography, engaging illustrations and writing that truly speaks to young sports fans
  • 6 bi-monthly issues including our annual football spectacular and the Summer Camp issue, which is packed with tips from elite athletes, coaches and trainers
  • Culminating with the year-end unveiling of the SportsKid of the Year

Ranger Rick Jr. 4-7

Inspire a lifelong connection with wildlife and wild places through our children’s publications, products, and activities

Ranger Rick 7-12                        

Inspire a lifelong connection with wildlife and wild places through our children’s publications, products, and activities

Highlights High Five 2-6

Your preschooler or kindergartner will love High Five magazine, because it’s designed and written just for their age group. High Five is an exciting, colorful, fun-filled magazine developed by the early childhood experts at Highlights to encourage and inspire tender hearts and curious young minds.

Highlights 6-9

The world was a different place in 1946, when Highlights magazine was first published. As times changed, so did kids, and so did we. Don’t worry, though — we’re still the same trusted children’s magazine in the most important ways. The experts at Highlights still know how to keep kids motivated with fun while they are learning and practicing the essential skills they will need in school.

Highlights Puzzle Buzz club 4-7

Introduce your young child to the colorful and skill-building fun of puzzles, mazes, matching games and more!

Puzzle Buzz activity books are packed with age-appropriate puzzles for kids, including:

  • Mazes
  • Dot-to-dots
  • Beginning word searches
  • Thinking puzzles
  • Drawing and coloring activities
  • Hidden Pictures puzzles
  • Coded messages
  • Matching games
  • Playtime with stickers
  • And much more

There’s something new on every page!

Highlights Puzzlemania 7+

It’s no surprise that more than 8 million families have said yes to the fun and learning of Puzzlemania. It keeps kids engaged and entertained while they practice important learning skills.

The more comfortable kids are using the skills they’ve learned, the more confident, independent and successful they’ll become!

Puzzlemania puzzle books promote:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Math
  • Problem-solving
  • Strategic thinking skills
  • Concentration
  • Attention to detail
  • Independence
  • Self-assurance

Highlights Super Challenge 9+

Puzzlemania Super Challenge includes more complex versions of Puzzlemania favorites, plus new puzzle games that will challenge and satisfy even the most experienced solvers.

Both kids and parents will love what these puzzle books have to offer:

  • Word searches, codes, crosswords and other word games that build spelling and vocabulary skills
  • Hidden Pictures puzzles that develop visual perception
  • Sticker activities that exercise fine motor skills and logic
  • Riddles and logic puzzles that promote thinking and reasoning
  • Sudoku, Calcudoku and geometry fun that reinforce math skills
  • Acronym puzzles that build more sophisticated language skills
  • Fun quizzes and MUCH MORE!

Highlights Which Way USA 7+

Exclusively from the Fun with a Purpose experts at Highlights, Which Way USA takes your child on a state-by-state adventure through the most exciting locations in America.

With each fun and engaging puzzle book and map set, children will learn about geography, history and culture, and even practice school skills — all without ever leaving home!

Highlights Top Secret Adventures 7+

Your child can explore the world, capture a villain, solve a mystery and still be home in time for dinner with Highlights Top Secret Adventuresclub!

Highlights Math Mania 7+

Packed full of mazes, teasers and other math puzzles for kids ages 7 and up, Mathmania engages children with fun activities that help them learn without even knowing it!

These great math games for kids are challenging, entertaining and achievable — the perfect setup for school success. Every kid will find something he or she loves, with activities like:

  • Scrambled pictures
  • Color by number
  • Crossword puzzles
  • Art
  • Music
  • And more

Each activity is specially designed to reinforce key math concepts and problem-solving skills, including:

  • Patterning
  • Estimating
  • Fractions
  • Money
  • Time

Do you have other magazine subscriptions you use to inspire your family to read, get curious, ask questions, and learn? I would love to hear what they are so I can add them to our list!

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