August 17, 2019

Kindness Counts tool to catch them being kind

My Loves. Kindness. Choose kindness. Be kindness. Promote kindness. Embrace kindness. Nurture kindness. Being kind is not the same thing as “being nice”. It’s about being respectful – even in disagreement. It’s about being a team. Working together. Collaborating. Being in for the greater good. The greater good of yourself and your people. Kindness IS Magic. And for a little while we lost our magic. I was tired of the sibling rivalry. I was tired of the fights. The lack of teamwork. The constant comparison and “measuring”. My talks and continued conversation don’t seem to be working. So while the kids were away for a duration of time, I knew, upon their return, I would set out an intention and set some fierce ground rules. It’s only been a day but it’s helped shift some dynamics ALREADY, it is amazing what you can accomplish when you focus on the positive. Tell them what you expect of them. Tell them the character traits you set out to intentionally create. Focus on those (instead of the things you don’t want them to do) – CATCH THEM BEING KIND. Shower them with praise and love. Help them hold themselves and each other accountable – but with compassion. I created this poster/printable for them to each sign. These are the house 🏠 rules. And then I offered each of them a gift box. Kindness Counts. Kindness begins with me. Choose kindness. Kindness is magic. Inside each wooden box is a metal ring attached to a random ribbon necklace. And six beads. A rainbow 🌈 of beads. This is what I expect of you. Of me. Of each other. Of our group. Of our family. Our our team. Of our humanity. And, throughout the day, if you see someone offering a kindness – TELL THEM – say it – name it – shout it out. And give them a bead. Let them add the bead to their necklace. Catch each other and yourself being kind. Remember – awareness – awareness is the first step in mindfulness and that’s what we are practicing now. And practicing on the positive. Focus on the good. The stuff we want to cultivate, nurture, give energy to, see more of. Today was the first day we implemented this new tool. And I will have to say – SUCCESS! By the end of the day they were giving each other accolades….

And we ended our evening in a ritual of gratitude. Focusing on all the kindness we shared with one another. REFLECTING on the kindness of the day. Sharing GRATITUDE and the energy of thankfulness. Loving on each other and ourselves for our kind actions. Tomorrow I will be even more generous with my kindness bead giving. Celebrate each “small” act of kindness. Because no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. It ripples into the world. It creates change. Mindfulness is all about a series of awarenesses – and this is just that. Making the implicit explicit. Saying, out loud, our gratitude. Our kindness. Our love. This tool is the perfect opportunity to disrupt the pattern. Have the awareness. Show up grateful. 💗 pre-orders available. if you are interested PM me. Four to choose from: choose kindness, kindness is magic, kindness counts, and kindness begins with me. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 #randomactsofkindness #kindkids #choosekindness #rak #kindnesscounts #theplayfullway #mamamayi #mindfulness #mindfulkids #peacefulparenting #positiveparenting #parenting #mindfulmama #bekind #kindnesstools #cultureofconnection #tabletalk #parentinghack #focusonthepositive #ripples #familylife #characterbuilding

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Kindness Counts – Necklace in a Box

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