June 17, 2017

Kindness Counts – Kid’s Kindness Challenge

I found these bigger, all-colors-of-the-Rainbow bags this week at @acmoorecrafts for $0.33 each so I stocked up and we are using them as our Helping-Hands Snack Bags. I wrote on the front of them just as I did with the white lunch bags and we filled them with protein-packed snacks – granola bars, trail mix, peanut butter crackers, applesauce, another granola bar, water bottles, and a tooth brush/toothpaste kit. We also try to add a piece of fresh fruit before we hand them out. Lillian made drawings to include in each bag. We keep these stocked in our car so that when we see someone asking for food or money we have something to give them. Last week a woman was so incredibly grateful and all my children were there to see this small gesture have an impact in someone’s life. It’s little acts of love and kindness that flow and ripple out into the world. Instead of watching a movie tonight (we lost screentime today), this is what we did. #actsofssrvice #rak#randonactsofkindness #love#mindfulmama #mindfulness #mindfulkids#mindful #kindnesskids #spreadthelove#gratitude #grateful #together #mamamayi#mamamayishop

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