October 3, 2015

Kids Art and Oil Pastels

Fall treasure study

Maize, pumpkins, and gourds

We have really been enjoying the process of oil pastels these last few weeks. I forgot how much I like them! They were my favorite in grade school, high school, university, and beyond. Glad to have them resurface during our art space move <3 

Lillian (4) in particular is LOVING them. She can’t seem to get enough. Maybe it’s the rich color? Maybe the bold texture? Maybe the “fuzziness” of the end result? Maybe the process itself lends itself to smudgy, chunky, beautiful imperfection. 

The leaves were inspired by Jean from The Artful Parent.
Last year we had made a collection of Apples inspired by our apple tasting at our local garden!

 #kidsart #Fall #MamaMayI #mamamayimake 

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