August 30, 2019

Invitations to PLAY
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What are you doing this summer to incorporate a bit of magic into your weekly rhythm? I’m creating some invitations to play for my family. There is something extra special about being “invited” to join in. A connective quality. Knowing someone values you and your time enough to invite you to participate in something special. The thing is, that something doesn’t have to be pricey or expensive – in money or time. It just has to be intentional. Thought through. Lovingly set up and curated. I’m working on some #invitationtoplay printables for #theplayfullway so we can infuse some #cultureofconnection into our everyday family rhythm.

Children want to spend time with us. They want to know we care. And that spending time with them is a priority. It doesn’t have to be hours and hours. It can be thoughtfully, intentionally, mindfully feeding the meter so they feel loved, valued, cherished.




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