August 8, 2019

Invitation to Play – Art

#thewayweplay can be art. #artplay setting up a simple #invitation to play. A paper, covered table, some watercolor paints 🎨, water 💦, and brushes – #momplaystoo which I believe is an important part of nurturing connection. Sometimes, engaging in your own play actually piques kids curiosities and they become more excited about it simply because they see one of their favorite people (YOU!) engaging in it! That which feeds and fuels OUR Spirits, by proxy, help to nourish theirs. They may not have the same #playprofile as we have – and that’s okay. Neither is “better” than the other- tuning in and becoming aware of each person’s unique, individualized play profile – the things that light them up – that bring them #joy – is so important in creating your family’s unique, individualized, working #playplan —- Play is as necessary to nurturing a joyful Spirit as sleep is in nurturing a rested and prepared Body. Play is necessary. Not just for children – but for all. #playforall ——- ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Looking for more tips, tricks, and tools for living a more #PlayFULL life ? You found the blog! Come find us on IG and FB too! 💗

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