October 20, 2018

How Does Your Garden Grow?
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Spring has sprung and, although colder outside than I would like, we are feeling pretty spring inside our house right now.
Before I went to bed last night I prepared an invitation to “garden” sensory bin for the girls to find in the morning. I used black beans as the base, some wooden scoops, wooden pots, and wooden boxes to pour, scoop, and spill. Hidden in the “dirt” I planted a Vegetable edition Make a Match edition and a Veggie edition Label for the girls to excavate, plow, match, and label. Lillian (3) had fun finding and naming vegetables while Layla (6) enjoyed trying to find each picture/word pair. It was a great way to invite the outdoors inside and start thinking about our garden while the earth outside is still to solid to sow.
Make a Match – Vegetable edition

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