August 10, 2019

Guideposts to living The PlayFULL Way – Practice Intuitive Knowing

One of the guideposts to living @theplayfullway is to Practice Intuitive Knowing. This is the idea of following your feet-following your joy-listening to your Soul’s radio station and making choices from that space with intuition or gut – without much deliberation. It’s about free-flow and ease and getting so connected with your inner voice that you can hear what it’s saying and follow it seamlessly without the noise of everyone else. Children are amazing at this if we leave them alone and watch their play unfold freely without interruption. This week I’ve been able to tap into my Intuitive knowing. Sleep when I’m tired. Get out of bed when I decide. Cook and eat whatever I’m inspired to – what my gut wants. I have been able to explore my feelings from first awareness all the way through to finding their root cause. I have been able to listen to my tunes on the radio – or my audio book – and dance with abandon. I’ve been able to stay in and go out. Walk and run. Turn inward or connect outward. I got reacquainted with my soul’s radio station. An easy way to tap into and practice your own Intuitive knowing is by creating a dish in the kitchen without a recipe – taste, tune in, recalibrate, add. CREATIVITY is not a science. But science can be Creative. Creativity is a strewing of ideas from one area of life and applying it to another on a hunch, a curiosity, an Intuitive knowing. Art is a very intuitive process. Gather some materials and get into PLAY. Collage. Watercolor. Paint. Writing is a way to tap back into your soul’s deep linings and station-practice with a brain dump or stream of consciousness writing for 3 minutes. See what surfaces. What comes out of it. Dance is a physical manifestation of Intuitive knowing. It just flows forth from within. Practicing Intuitive knowing helps us see ourselves. Helps us have a mindfulness – a playfullness – with ourselves. And helps us step into the bigger, freeer, more expansive version of ourselves. Cheers to playing with yourself today! 💗✨

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