November 17, 2015


Layla built a #simplemachine this morning for co-op. I am so proud of her for sticking to it and following it through but I definitely learned that building, constructing, this kind of project is not for everyone. Sure, we can brush up our skills, persevere, learn a lesson in grit and in seeing something through — but it reminded me that kids aren’t and don’t have to be interested in everything (and neither do adults!) She walked away at least three times completely frustrating, getting angry, deciding to leave for some deep breaths in a cardboard house built in the living room. Lincoln (age 2) sat in the kitchen, the whole duration of the project, trying to figure it our and put it together – inspired by the problem solving in front of him and determined to do it. Layla said several times how much she didn’t enjoy “this part” or “that”.

And it’s okay. 

We all have talents an gifts. And they aren’t all the same (thank goodness). This was a good reminder for me while I focus on the gifts of each of my children and help them to discover on their own what gifts they have that they want to OWN and nurture.  #ahamoments

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