May 26, 2016

Good Enough

Life right now is super super super intense. Every direction I turn there are fires to put out and hands to hold…while I’m doing those immediate things, my to-do-list is growing exponentially. It’s a lot. I look at the Long List and never know where to start. Usually, it’s with urgency. But the other stuff kind of ends up in the non-urgent grouping and then halts because I don’t know where to start; how to start; when to start. Halts because I (type A) like it to be perfectly scheduled, planned, and executed 300%. When I know I can’t give a task or project my all it just kind of goes into the never-done category. So I am writing, saying, thinking this mantra: Good Enough IS a start. It doesn’t have to be Perfect to get going. I mopped my floor last night, well enough. I scheduled what I could schedule and tied up loose ends well-enough to have made a dent on each of those lists. I taught a lesson well enough to be enjoyed by my children. Doing life well enough to fulfill my responsibilities and still try to enjoy life well enough. ? #mamamayi #mamamayishop #getstarted #getgoing #onestepatatime #parenting #adulting #grownupproblems #enjoylife #mindfulness #mindfulliving #heartbuilding #mantra

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