July 17, 2017

Give Yourself Some Credit – Mindful Moments with Mama May i

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We are ON THE GO so much I often wonder where all the time goes and why I’m so tired.
If it’s just an individual person to get out the door this may be … easier … but with 3 spirited littles every single transition has the potential to be {time consuming}{frustrating}.

I am learning to breathe with it and trying to slow down
even though it’s fast paced and we have places to go and people to see. But it is exhausting. Being a full time parent is NO JOKE and this is just the “scheduled necessities” not the nuanced parts of the day,  extra projects, arguments to mediate, or home organization. Sometimes I have to put it on paper to be sure I give myself enough credit for the work I am doing.
It doesn’t often require a high IQ to get done but I would argue that it does require a high EQ to get through a day with small, spirited young people successfully. And Emotional Intelligence and work is EXHAUSTING. Cheers to all of you who put in your time to juggle all of life’s little things and big things and for all of you who show up and do the work required (and sometimes overlooked) of PARENTING. Know you are not alone. And I so so appreciate the work you are doing.
Please take a moment and give yourself some credit.
You Deserve It.
Acknowledge ALL the big and little things you do.
Be your own biggest fan.
But KNOW that I am in this little part of the world
Thinking about YOU,
and sending LOVE to YOU!
I {HEART} You.

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Give yourself a hand! You deserve it!!!
What do you need to give yourself credit for?

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