May 6, 2020

Founder Story

How did I become an entrepreneur? It’s an excellent question.⁣

I never really thought I’d ever be a business owner. It was never something I set out to do intentionally. I’ve just always had the privilege of making my creativity my work.I guess you could say I just followed the breadcrumbs of my passion.⁣

When I was much younger, I was seriously the best babysitter on the block. I bought a box with me full of treasures and activities to engage the kids I would care for. ⁣

A little later in school, my passion for childhood growth and development emerged, making it easy to determine that psychology was the major for me.I did all kinds of odd jobs.I painted faces at the race track.⁣

I worked at the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia.Then I married, had kids, and became a homeschooling mama.⁣

But during nap times, I would go stir crazy, so I just started creating things for my kids to play with. And then my kids would test them out and teach me what they loved doing most.And then my friends told me I could totally sell the things I was making.⁣

And so I did, and I now I get to help parents engage their kids in open-ended and meaningful play. I’m the lucky one. Friends, follow your heart. Your heart was meant to share and be known.

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