June 17, 2017

Feed The Good

When I was young I loved words. I had a binder of page protectors filled with word and pictures clippings from magazines, newspapers, and advertisements. Clips & Phrases I called the binder. Words have always been a huge part of my life. Magnetic poetry. Found word poetry. Spoken word. Journaling. Quotes. When I felt like no one was listening, it was a way for me to listen to myself. Quiet reflection. I now have a name for what I did all those years ago – #visionboard #foundartit’s #mindful and quiet, peaceful and reflective. Certain words, pictures, phrases stand out to me. And I think and wonder why. Is my inner self trying to bring something to my attention? It’s a way for me to #play. – to get lost in the #flow of my thoughts, imagination, and mind-tinkerings. Tonight, along with a vision board, I created a poem which I haven’t done for a very long time. 

Feels so good
Moments that count
Build a trust like no other
Traditions don’t 
Happen overnight.
Leaf piles.
Sharing smiles.
Cool days that glow.
They happen one
Morning at a time and
One cup at a time.
Family dinner
Means never missing an opportunity to
Feed your inner kid
It’s where life’s magical moments
Unfold right in front of you.
It’s home.
It’s what’s on the inside
That counts
Find adventure
Push play
Feed the good.

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