January 19, 2018

Feature Friday – Table Talk Connection Cards

Today’s #featurefriday are our Table Talk deck. Connection, One Question at a Time. There are 90 questions on super thick, satin smooth cardstock. They are great for road trips, restaurants, or around the dinner table! ——— $45 in the shop.
Table Talk – Connection: One Question At a Time

Dinner used to be my favorite part of the day as a family. But spending dinner time as the only grown up made it super easy for me to cook whatever; order in whatever; and let my kids eat whenever. What used to be a time of family-gathering and conversation: sharing our gratitude and thoughts turned into an isolated time for me. I knew I had to bring back family dinners and I knew I needed a ritual to get me there. I created this deck: Connection, One Question at a Time. Connecting Beyond “How Was Your Day?”. There are almost 50 cards. We keep them in a bag and draw one or two at dinner time. It’s brought us back together. The kids love drawing a card. I love seeing my own artwork – flaws and all – on vibrant backgrounds. I love hearing them engage in questions and curiosities with one another.

The paper will be about 18pt and super soft to the touch. Fronts and backs have questions so there are 90 questions in all.

I brought them out to a restaurant for dinner and it was beautiful to be able to bring this ritual with us even on a dinner date. I am SO EXCITED to share these with you! I can envision using them in a classroom for short breaks and open-ended discussion or as writing prompts.

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