June 30, 2017

Feature Friday – Flutterfly Streamers

Feature Friday : Flutterfly Streamers

After spending a lot of time engaged in rainbows and sensory play outside this week, I couldn’t help but feature the Flutterfly Streamers as our Friday Featured Product.
We keep ours in our rhythm and movement bin (in the living room, near the tv). They often put music on the tv by themselves and this is an easy-access point in our home for them to pump up their jam session with some movement exercises and play.
We also bring these cutie hand-kites outside to catch the wind. There is such a whimsical feathery feeling to watching the float against a bright blue sky.
Each Flutterfly Streamer set comes in a pair. 2 wooden rings, each with three colors of silk attached. Red, orange, yellow on one ring (warm colors) and green, blue, purple (cool colors) on the other. You can use them as a pair, one on each hand, or take turns being the fire and the water.
Flutterfly Streamers
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These colorful, flittery, fluttery silk streamers will endlessly delight your little mover and shaker. Two-grabbable hoops and twelve strands of rainbow, hand-dyed, silk make each playful pair oh so soft and whimsical. Watch your little ones’ imagination take flight along side these gracefully gleeful, movement powered, gliders.

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