December 1, 2018

Dare to Lead – at HOME

I LOVE how applicable @brenebrown’s work in Dare to Lead is as applicable AT HOME as it is IN BUSINESS. When I think of #businessculture and I think of #familyculture “the way we do things around here” I am reminded of how much I want it all to align in values and #respect – #connection – #truth – #love – seriously #fierce and #brave and #free LOVE. I am a #cyclebreaker and the more I read, the more I realize I was living in an outdated, #unhealthy and sick micro-culture. I’m sure many of you are in similar situations : at work, at home, in friendships….. wherever you go, whatever you are doing, you deserve to be respected and loved and valued just as you are for your own #unique gifts and talents and just. For. Being. You. As I’m reading this I see pieces of myself reflected in the outdated and unhealthy leadership style – my perfectionism and micromanaging can be found in the ineffective leadership style of compliance and control. I have gotten really #intentional about the values I actually WANT to pass onto my children. And that first began with shining a light on how I was doing things, why, and getting curious about my own patterns. I worked through some shame and guilt stories found deep within the unconscious reasons of WHY I was doing what I was doing. I had no idea until I #wokeup to it. And I have not looked back since. I have pushed and stretched and embraced a #familyculture I am excited and proud to hand off to the next generation. Does that mean I never #makemistakes or yell? Nope. I do both of those things. But I have also added new tools to own and repair when I mess up. #selfresponsibility #selflove #brave #vulnerable —— it’s messy. It’s beautiful. It’s real. And #human —- and this work I’m doing within is changing my life and my world. It IS the long game. But I’m already seeing the rewards in the conversations, thoughts, and articulation of the amazingly strong and fierce young people in my life. ???✨ #shoutout “once everyone understands their VALUE we stop hustling for worthiness and lean into our GIFTS.” May you feel emotionally safe enough in your life to put down the armor of hustling for your worth & realize your value and lean, express, and SHARE into YOUR gifts. (May my children feel safe enough to embrace this.) ?

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