May 21, 2020

Catch them being Kind – kindness challenge – positive parenting – self esteem building

Another powerful tool we’ve been incorporating lately throughout our learning day is a Kindness Challenge.⁣

Each of the kids has a necklace with beads they can share and earn for finding ways to creatively and organically show kindness to one another.⁣

They can get them for doing things as simple as checking in with one another when someone gets hurt.They are often earned for the way they take care of one another by making breakfast for each other.Sometimes they are earned when they write notes or special drawings for one another.⁣

Recently, one of my kiddos (the one who despises getting a shot) had to face her fears yet again at the doctor’s office. Another one of my kids remembered that it would be an especially hard day for her and picked up a special lip gloss for her that day to acknowledge the way her sibling had to be brave.⁣

Kindness only inspires kindness and though they love adding beads to their necklace, I get to witness how they are filling up one another’s hearts. Nothing could be sweeter.⁣

How do you inspire your kids to love one another? I’d love to add your ideas to the mix too!

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