October 30, 2017

Bat Dough with Full Moon Star Sparkles

Bat Black Play Dough With Full Moon Sparkle Stars
1 cup salt
1 cup flour
1 cup cornstarch
2 TableSpoons cream of tartar
Fine Glitter
—� Mix with a whisk.
—� Create a well in the middle of the mixture
—� Put the following wet ingredients into the well
2 TableSpoons Vegetable Oil
4 oz Liquid Glycerine
Food coloring / liquid water color / food gel to desired color
Drops of essential oil of choice (optional)
1 TableSpoon Sweet Almond Oil (optional)
—� Boil water.
Add 2 cups boiling water to the center of the well along with the wet ingredients. Mix. Let sit a few minutes. If it still feels tacky, sprinkle more cornstarch and knead as you would bread dough. Add the cornstarch slowly. You can always add more cornstarch if it needs it. But once you add too much it becomes flaky and more difficult to fix.
Store in a ziplock bag or Tupperware with lid. (We have had a batch for over six months now!)
We added some fake black flies and centipedes to this batty brew for added Halloween fun! Enjoy this sensory experience and be sure to tell us how your concoction turned out!
-xoxo- Jessica

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