October 25, 2009

Another Blank Canvas!

Another Blank Canvas – the OTHER closet door. Yes, this girl has more closet space than most adults! (and yet it still never seems like enough.) This is a much smaller closet by the book wall. I wanted to do something to make this space interactive as well. I decided to make it a puzzle door – we have a bunch of diptic (2 piece) puzzles. My husband came to the painting rescue (again) and put 3 coats of magnetic paint onto the door. I put some magnetic adhesive strips onto the backs of the puzzle pieces and Voila – a puzzle wall! So simple, but so much fun.

Step 1: Gather Supplies – Puzzle, Magnetic Tape, Scissors

Step 2: Cut the magnetic tape to the proper length for your puzzle pieces
Step 3: Peel paper from back of magnetic strips and adhere them to each piece of puzzle.

Step 4: Stick them to a magnetic surface – Here we tested them on the fridge. Aren’t these puzzle doubles adorable!? The graphics are so cute and I love that there are some colors other than the primary – gray, fuschia, maroon, lilac, aqua, beige – too cute!

Here they are on the Puzzle Wall.

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